Well. It's me. Oh, right, You don't know me...

I'm Robert :D

I'm 19
I'm not too bad of a person, or I try not to be offensive at least..

Uhhh... Well, I like a lot of stuff. Stuff includes Berserk, other anime/manga series, and fantasy books and stuff.

Feel free to ask anything you'd like to know!


Time for work again

I’ll return for you in 9 hours Shadow of Mordor

Oh my god I fucking slept for 20 minutes what is this bullshit

So I was trying on some of my old clothes (extra larges which i haven’t worn since like 2010) and they fit me again and I think I might be a bit attractive…?

I’m probably just having the late night crazies

like seriously wow i am proud of myself

now if i could lose like 30 or so more pounds i would be the same size as 10th grade robert…

Just checked how I weigh, and the last time I did I was like 250 pounds (about march or so) and now I weigh just a bit more than 200. 

Holy shit no wonder I thought my stomach and man boobs got smaller and my legs looked thinner. fucking 50 pounds holy shit

I’ve noticed that every time I sneeze it feels like I just finished crying