Well. It's me. Oh, right, You don't know me...

I'm Robert :D

I'm 19
I'm not too bad of a person, or I try not to be offensive at least..

Uhhh... Well, I like a lot of stuff. Stuff includes Berserk, other anime/manga series, and fantasy books and stuff.

Feel free to ask anything you'd like to know!



Barry, can you but in a floating burger with eyes, smiling, gently floating right to left across the screen. 


Thank you Barry

God damn. Ever since I woke up today, it felt like somebody just beat my torso to hell.

Achey back and sides = bad times moving around.

I should go to sleep probably yeah i will i’m real tired goodnight amigos

Three more hours at work

But suddenly I am sleepy

Maybe it was the chicken I ate…

okay i like that picture a lot it’s becoming my new icon now

Tornado coming

Here’s hoping nobody I know gets hurt.